on this week’s Sex+, 50 Shades of WTF!?

while I think it’s awesome that people are reading erotica, it’s unfortunate that it’s an erotica which fails so horribly at BDSM.

Laci does it again! This time, addressing my biggest concern with this cultural phenomenon. Consent is not a thing enough people talk about, and it is the most important part of intimacy - especially when that intimacy has the potential to be harmful in a number of ways! BDSM is fun, sexy, exciting and can bring people who want it closer together. I’m a personal fan! I’m also strict about communication and boundaries. If your current or potential partner is uncomfortable talking about consent, think seriously about whether they’re someone you can trust with your sexual and emotional health. Anyone who tries to push you into something you’re not ready for is taking advantage, and it is completely your right to say no at any time. Safe words aren’t a guideline!

Everything Kate just said x 238473. Consent is always necessary, therefore Safe Words= A+

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    why is this girl so awesome she’s so damn casual
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    Guys, please watch this video. It sums up why I hate this series so much.
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    I find it unfortunate that people look at what an entire community of people enjoys doing in their private lives as a...
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    I know this isn’t a new vid but after hearing people say that they found fifty shades of grey super romantic I felt it...
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    “Being a dom does not exempt you from human decency.” Best line ever!
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