TCAF Roundup & Embarrassing Stories! My TCAF experience, meeting friends, and me being a seriously awkward ball of pink. It’s a long one, but I think because I haven’t posted for a few weeks it was well deserved right? Bonus points if you can count how many times I say awesome in this video. Because when I was editing I lost count. I think I need to learn some new descriptive words.

Also this took me TWO DAYS to upload. Because youtube was being all weird and such. Please know how much I love you because I kept trying and trying even when things looked bleak. Look into your heart Simba. You’ve got a friend in me. etc etc

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    there are so many people in this video that I would flip four thousand times over in meeting wow oh noOoOo
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    Awww, it was lovely to meet Angelina! It’s impossible to miss her when she’s in the room, she’s a radiant beacon of...
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