Do you know what material was used to make the HQ costume? How comfortable was it??

We made it using wet look spandex. I found it really comfortable, I never felt hot or sweaty in it! That’s kind of why I preferred that material over an actual latex costume, as much as I am obsessed with that kind of shiny/oilslick look, it was important to me that the fabric be breathable so I could bounce around in it for hours.  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Where oh where did you get that beautiful Harley Quinn costume!? I have no words it's glorious!!

It’s completely handmade! Shoutout to my mom for helping me with her bomb-ass sewing knowledge. 

Princess Bubblegum FAQ

Q: Where did you get your Rock Concert Shirt?

A: I made it myself!

Q: Can I pay you to make me one?

A: No. This shirt was made for personal, costume use. It was not intended for everyday wear. I made it with patches of fabric, screenprinting paint and fabric paint. I have no idea how well it will hold up after 2+ washes, so I don’t feel comfortable selling one to you not knowing it’s durability.  

Q: What is your crown made of?

A: My crown was first sculpted with wire and then paper mache’d, sanded, rubber cemented, sanded, over and over again for about a week using an electric sander. Then I painted it and finished with a high gloss. The jewel was made from a christmas ornament that I cut in half and then painted. 

Q: Where did you get your pink dress?

A: The pink dress is a BABY the Stars Shine Bright Snow Dot OP. I made a purple bow belt to go with it. The wristcuffs are handmade, but not by me. The petticoat is off-brand. 

Q: Where did you get your circle lenses?

A: I purchased them at the Pacific Mall in Markham, but the same ones can be found here

Q: Do you plan to do other PB outfits?

A: ;)